Until our demands are fully met and acted upon no screening at Ogitech – SUG

The student Union Government president Comrade Eniola Ogunleye, PKA Ennicipation affirmed that the institution plans to hold admission screening exercise won’t be visible.

It was disperse that the management plans to hold her screening exercise on Thur. 12th of November 2020 and the SUG president ensure the student that nothing of such will happen.

Speaking With the press, he said “it can’t be possible for the school to hold her screening exercise because the protest is still on and our demands have not been met”.

The General Secretary of the SUG, Comrade Ojo Oluwaseun Abiodun Pka Captain black, also stated that the management are trying to play on their intelligence which is not possible. According to him, ” All I have to say is the school is not opening until our demands are met”.
Power is about to change hand, justice for late Omoty
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  1. We support Enicipation. We will fight together. “Aluta Continua, Victory Acertia “.

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