OGITITES Protests over student loss, highlights demands

Tuesday 3rd November, 2020 report of an ND1 student; Yusuf Malik popularly known as Omotty who lost his life over a reckless ride by a motorcyclist was sent to us. Report says; Yusuf just finished his exams when the incident happened in front of the school. It’s been circulated by eye witnesses that there was negligence on the part of school’s clinic staff stating that yusuf was rushed to the school clinic, but was being asked of some payment receipts instead of being attended to immediately.
However, the sad occurrence angered the students hence embarked on a peaceful protest. The students had taken it upon themselves to demand what is due and should long be demanded for through this protest. They are in no doubt things that should be available in a higher institution and in the community at large.

To mention few of the demands are;

  • Provision of functional, equipped and advanced health care system
  • Compensation to the deceased family
  • Scrapping of some fees and consideration on others
  • Creation of parking space outside the school gate and provision of school shuttle.

In a broadcast on whatsapp, the list seem unending and ridiculous but definitely the dream educational environment/system an average student wished for.

Different bodies and media had taken interest in the incident not leaving behind the Alumni of the Institution. Various people expressed their grievances over poor condition of the school clinic, negligence of the health staff in the school and the community at large.

The student Union Government in a broadcast also extended her condolence but yet to give response on the action taken to stop this in future and to the student’s demand.