Comr Rvee Dot cries out that students are being rushed as he pour out his total displeasure to the forthcoming second semester examination for the ND I students

Do what is right not what is easy nor what is popular


_Roy T. Bennett_


The deliberate efforts to affect our education has rolled over the finalist and about to pounce on our ND I Students.

We must have stayed quiet because of the fact that the HND II Students are due for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) and the ND II Students have gathered enough experience to push them through to the next phase of life, but this injustice against our ND I Students is intolerable.


The ND I Students are still fresh in campus and yet they have no experience of there course of study neither of school life. It is agreeable that the ND I stage is the foundational class for any Student in the polytechnic.


According to Gordon B Hinckley analysis on foundation


_You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you are going to have a strong super structure_


Can we afford a faulty foundation for these students just because of the pandemic?


Can we decide to jeopardize the future of these young scholars in the name of COVID-19 and OGITECH having a fast system?



The ND I Students just finished there first semester exams not up to two weeks ago and we expect them to march into the examination hall to participate in the second semester examination with the second semester courses they don’t even have remarkable knowledge on?



With the online class that wasn’t well attended by Students?


On what ground is the management trying to rush these students even amidst the unsecure situation of the states?


As a result of the ongoing END SARS protests across all state which leave everyone in a state of unrest. Alot of students would find it difficult to come around because magnanimous number of this students had traveled and left igbesa when they finished there first semester.


As expected, the security and safety of our students ought to supers the Institute fast academic system and calendar so why is that not put into consideration?


These students needs time to work on themselves by participating in tutorials, revision amongst peers and group reading to meet up with the course outline of there department individually.


Let’s not forget that all fingers are not equal, we have the genius that learn fast and can assimilate a whole text book within minutes also do we have the slow learner’s that’s takes time to learn new things. The timing is just too early for these students that engage in 12 courses and below. All these should be put into consideration by an institution that cares about her students welfarism.




The students union are doing there best but now is when the students needs both the union and other departmental leaders more to break the silence and be the voice of there Students *as the second semester examination scheduled to hold on 26th Of October 2020 for the ND I students should be duly postpone.*


I expected the students leaders of our beloved students to have look into the issue of the scheduled second semester examination date for the ND I but even uptil now silence is what I get as response.


Is it that we had actually handed over our offices or we had stopped being the leader the students do regard us as?


_I use the word we, because no one is excluded as long as we all are still holding a portfolio in the institute and our sole responsibility is to represent our students well_


Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices, and choices determine our actions.


Dallin H. Oaks


Let us stop seating on the fence as the students anticipate our instantaneous interference to the matter with urgency and I believe it’s going to be in favor of our students.


Viva Aluta💪💪


Comr Abdullahi Adedotun. O is my name



_Rvee Dot_

_Oshatiri Skimpete_


  1. That’s very reasonable of you sir,because everybody has different assimilation period i.e some learn faster than another.If the examination is not postponed it will be like a punishment to the slow as simulators.
    2. Not everybody are opportune to attend the online classroom due to some reasons best known to them. Therefore we are pleading to the school stakeholders and the school authorities to plead put this things into consideration.

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