MR. Odutola falsely accused of threat, students react

This morning, July 25th 2020; a viral video was shared on Sahara TV’s Youtube page accusing The School’s Dean of Student Affairs Mr. Odutola of threatening to rusticate one Olatoye Clement Damilola; a student of SLT Department. The video has really gotten a trend on twitter as people tend to condemn the Accountancy department lecturer.

However, this turns out to be false and a complete defamation of character. By our investigation, the voice doesn’t in any way relate to the Characters’ in real life. We’ve also noticed that the character in the audio makes use words like; yeah, uhm etc . which the accused doesn’t or rarely say in real life.

Listen to audio below

CAUGHT ON TAPE: Ogun Technology Institute, Dean Of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, Accuses #TakeItBack Campus Coordinator Of Cultism, Threatens To Rusticate Him Over Opposition To Management’s Anti-student Policies And Relationship With Sowore

Students who knows the Lecturer have come out to confirm that the accused is innocent and can never in any way be found in a position like this.

In as much as we in a large extent represent the students interest, we will never promote any form of immorality hence debunks the claim submitted to Sahara TV

Ogitech Amebo.