Just in: media deletes accusation video, Sowore apologized

You will recall that a viral video claiming that Mr. Odutola threatened a student was posted by Sahara TV on youtube and twitter. This gained a lot of popularity within a short period and possibly gotten to the parties involved; Sowore inclusive. Click here to read about the post

OGITITE expressed their concerns in various ways to debunk the claim, all departmental presidents including the SUG sent various broadcast messages to clear the air. Well, report reaching us now confirmed that the video had been deleted from Sahara TV’s youtube page and twitter page.

Furthermore, Omoyele Sowore on his twitter handle apologized to the Accountancy department lecturer. He said; “Earlier today I reposted an audio recording reportedly of OGITECH Dean of Student’s Affairs, Odutola, threatening a student with rustication, the affected student just reached out claiming he was phone-pranked by his colleagues. Accordingly, I’ve deleted the tweet! I tender my unreserved apology(ies) to Mr. Odutola for the inconvenience my posting might have caused him.”

We sincerely hope this will slide and hasn’t caused enough damage as it should.