I have come to realize the truth behind Matin Luther King statement date back when he said, “the day you keep silent on issues that matters,that is when your life begin to ruin”

On this note I write as a student of ogitech and as an administrator.

I write on behalf of NAPADS and the voices of the voiceless.

I refuse to be intimidated!

Let me further my expressions by typing the below statement.

Several days we’ve gone through hardship because we want to learn, several days we were beaten by rain and set under the sun. Several days we were hungry, several days we were tasty and we all understood the situation on ground but still we were suffering from those who were suppose to be our Messiah. Why these?

I want you to remember something, that posterity will certainly judge us in everything we do.

We had no money on us, we had no food, we had nothing to survive on but our dear institution still force education on us in a bitter and difficult way.

I am never against education because I am also part of it,so I don’t want anyone to probe or quote me otherwise.

We couldn’t meet up with the standard of online lectures but yet we are to undergo a Home based CBT in a country where things had fell apart and the economy had been tampered with as a result of the out break plague of the covid 19 pandemic.

Our dear institution, Please kindly consider if not our parents but their money.

Most people won’t do this CBT because of so many reasons that are best known to us all.

If this online CBT should occur then we should be ready for masses failure.

That is why I am saying No To Mass failure and I hereby say NO TO HOME BASED CBT.

Though, as an activist and as an administrator,I write this to all ogitech student at large but in order to be organized and for this message to finally arrived at it’s destination, I hereby direct this letter to the STUDENT PARLIAMENTARY COUNCIL (SPC) Ogitech chapter. to channel this issue to the right source where my/our voices will be heard.

I never appeared as an accident of history. I am and always part of the struggle of Success.

I am Comrade Afolabi Stephen Olasunkanmi PKA ( STIGGA ) the Aluta Messiah.