UPDATE; SUG responds over Bikers brutality in Igbesa, affirms Justice

Just yesterday; 8th January, 2019 a broadcast of how the Student Union Speaker; Rt. Hon. Bankole Marleeq was assaulted by Okada riders in Igbesa went viral over the media and has given rise to trembling questions by the students of OGITECH to the Management, the Student Union Government and Igbesa Community as a whole.

However, The Student Union Government through the President; Comr. Ogunleye Eniola (P.K.A. Ennycipation) has come out to give update on the steps taken so far as regards the incident and it all sounds like a dependable progress and answers to questions asked by the students.

Our correspondence asked what step the Student Union has taken so far as regard the said issue, he said; “I sincerely appreciate the concern of all OGITITEs and past comrades. Trust, me, we are not relenting on the issue, we have communicated all the necessary persons and the offenders will not go unpunished.”

Giving reply to a random social media comment that the SUG are taking this serious because the said victim is a comrade, Eniola said; “We are taking all necessary steps not just because it’s an Executive that got affected but because an OGITECH student is. An injury to one is an injury to all.”

“The student Union will also urge the students not to take violent steps as regards this as it may complicate matters – we will definitely get to the favorable end of this by God’s grace.”