OGITECH’s official Anthem as composed by a student

Going through our archive we found the school’s first official magazine (The Torch) which was published by a team led by former Chairman of the students Representative Council; Comr. Arogunjo Emmanuel popularly known as Airma.

OGITECH’s first Official Magazine- The Torch
Credit: Airma XVI

The magazine is still as fresh as new as it contains historical facts to fall back on even for new students. One of which includes the School anthem written and composed by a then Computer Science student (2007/2008 set) named Ajibade Daniel.

We found out that there had not been any record of recognition for this student (at least as far as we can dig) towards his efforts of composing the anthem which as a result makes it unknown to new students.

Presenting the Anthem to the Government
Credit: Dopemu Samuel

Below is OGITECH’s Anthem

The silicon valley of Nigeria
Key player of ICT in Africa
Making the rock state a global taste
Pioneering in excellence.

The citadel of pundits in Nigeria
Strutting among other institutions
Ogitech’s mentoring higher knowledge
For sustainability of our economy.

The building of the nation from Igbesa
Influencing the coup de-grace of leaders
Ogun State institute of tech instructs knowledge understanding with integrity

The embedded practical skills in me
Help me to use for your glory o God
Bringing transparency to my trails
This I beg God to help me with.

Written and Composed by: Ajibade Daniel
Computer Science Department. 2007/2008

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