SUG impediment election

Report has it that; Over 500 students were decline to exercise their franchise recently during Ogun state institute of technology, Igbesa (OGITECH) student Union government (SUG) election due to insufficient ballot papers and student pending payment record

From the department of Science Laboratory Technology about 150 students were not allowed to vote as well as over 300 student in mass communication department. Some due to insufficient ballot papers while some their names were not found in the school payment record book

According to discussion among mass communication students while they express their depression it was assumed that lecturers of other department hate them because they know majority are for Comrade Rf Adedeji Ademola also known as Aluta doctor who was also aspiring for the post of a president.

“Posterity will judge” said a social media ranter. Besides he emphasized that the election was not fair enough even without election Aluta doctor would win.

Considering how much they budget there should not be anything like insufficient ballot papers. Simultaneously the election was said to annual and they are against corruption but support integrity, fairness in all its form.

Well, everywhere seem to be boiling as students expresses their mind on the media (facebook and whatsapp groups) even to the extent of proposing a peaceful protest.

“We reject the Election result With passion and if care is not taking, Ogitech will go back to where there were, as non SUG institute. I Comr. Moses (Gentlesoul) say so, Mark my word – that’s just a tip of what’s happening on the media.