SUG Election – What actually happened

Disclaimer: This is a submitted post to OGITECHAMEBO and doesn’t reflect the opinion of the blog or her authors.

As submitted by a student who pleaded to be anonymous


It is very sadden and unfortunate that at this moment when we should be focusing and getting prepared for the forth coming 2nd semester examination which starts on Monday 15th of July, some so called comrades are busy rallying students around to protest for the annulment and rerun of the just concluded OGITECH SUG ELECTION.

Let it be on record, that the just concluded SUG election which was held yesterday, is the best and most free and fair election any OGITECH SUECO had ever conducted. This success is credited to the effort of distinguished and noble Comr. ADELEKE QUDUS (the SUECO chairman) who in my opinion, deserves an award of excellence.

Now to the matter at hand. In response to a news in circulation, condemning and bastardizing the effort of the SUECO by tagging it with different fallacies, to the best of my knowledge, it is an untrue cooked up fairy tale. The election was peaceful, until some unscrupulous irresponsible elements came into the school with the aim of sabotaging the process. Reports shows, that they (i.e ALUTA DOCTOR team) hired external hoodlums to come and scatter the process if the election is not in their favour. However, they were unable to achieve this goal which was why they resolved to violence thereafter.

About the issue of not allowing some students cast their votes, this is what happened.

Before the election proper, it was announced that the school I.D card would be the criteria for the election, but that decision was later changed due to the fact that, the election managers had observed that their is tension from both sides of the major contenders.

Which was why the school had to derive another plan, school fees and other approved payments were used to generate the list of qualified and eligible voters. With this method, there are so many students across all levels and every departments who were affected and were not eligible to vote. Its not as if it affected one side and favoured the other, it affected everyone.
On this note I would like to tell my fellow OGITITES that we should focus and channel our energy into reading and preparing for the forthcoming exam rather than allowing hoodlums mislead us for their own selfishness.

God bless OGITECH, God bless You all…