After the first ever Student Union Government Election in OGITECH which gained more ground in OGITECH; the 2019/2020 SUG Election seem to likely break a record as it has also been the talk of the School and its environs.

Lately, various campaigns had been going on majorly for the two aspirants of the SUG President; Adedeji Adebola (Aka. Aluta Doctor) and Ogunleye Eniola (Aka. Ennycipation) which had almost caused rivalry among their supporters – The two groups have decided to make judicious use of the media of which some supporters finds suitable to tackle each other. It has even birthed the use of propagandas and controllable threats.

However, based on the manifesto held today 10th July, 2019 for the proposed election, the two aspirants really showed their recognition in the school via their supporters.

Though Aluta Doctor seem to have all the media support to him but it is also important to note that Ennycipation won the crowd support in the manifesto today see video

Considering the reactions of few students during the Manifesto, the election is likely to be a very “tight” one. “Students have decided to support Aluta Doctor because he is more experienced” – Kehinde an ND 1 student said after which Tunde, HND 2 also proclaimed that “Aluta Doctor already have the support of the School of Business and Management studies (SBMS) – the most populated faculty in the School.

“Ennycipation has always been and will forever be a loyal person ready to serve his people” a student from SLT affirmed. A student who pleaded to be anonymous even said “Aluta Doctor that cannot treat himself, is that one doctor?” – LOL

We can only hope for the right person to be in the right position after the students exercises their voting rights tomorrow 11th July, 2019.

We will also urge the students (aspirants and supporters) to VOTE and not FIGHT as the management is watching #wink.