BITTER TRUTH. Must read!

Of the greatest Nigeria students!
Of the Greatest Ogitech students!
Ever conscious Ogitech students!

solidarity greetings in our scientific way of Aluta, I respect and bow for all leaders, stake holders , cadres and students in general .

I feel so sad when I see how the game of unionism is being played in our great citadel of learning , it is very barbaric to know that lecturers coarse students threaten/compel them to vote for a candidate from their faculty, even when it is not the choice of the student. If I may ask, what then do we call free , fair and credible election?? also if you’d ask along with me that , don’t student no longer have that privilege to enfranchise their rights as students???? Do lecturers have right to influence student union election??? Do student influence Asup election ??? Why won’t lecturers stay clear off student union election process ??? The truth be told, it is inevitable for lecturers to influence the process but not showing it or coming out openly to compel students from enfranchising their studentship rights• we need not be blatantly told that this is where unfairness and incredibility sets in, in the election process ! williams Blake said and I quote “ A truth that is told with bitter intent beats all lies you can invent!”

I want to use this medium to call on the Asup body, to call these lecturers to order and allow us the students practice a free , fair and credible election and allow the students to make their choice freely and not under duress and treat! I also want to call indulgence of the leaders and stake holders of this citadel of learning to awake from slumber and ensure that your alma-mata is not in total ruination because I believe that when the students right is infringed upon, the development of the institution is not positive!

I Comr. Rf Adetunji Emmanuel Adedeji , the incumbent president of SLT ogitech chapter ; the general Secretary of association of slt students in all polytechnics in Ogun state chapter ; the incumbent chairman of Reformation forum ogitech chapter,
Hereby plead that all lecturers and some people in the management coming out openly to coarse and compel students not to vote for a candidate, to vote for a candidate should stop the act as it is not good enough in the student structure !!!!
A wise man said and I quote “he who fail to speak in front of a tyrant is a wicked”

I drop my pen

I am comr Rf Adetunji Emmanuel Adedeji p.k.a emmizypro, the grandson of Japheth the peace maker

God bless Ogitechsu
God bless Ogitech students
God bless Nigeria 🇳🇬