The 5 most incredible things you must not miss during the Association’ week by; Deji.

Just like we always have a unique atmosphere when it is Christmas period. In my school It is that period when we see the contest of the bold and courageous, that period that some students sees as unofficial holiday week, that period we get to see posters around campus and one thing that amazed me most is that it is during this period we see those we suppose are arrogant and proud of nothing walking up to us to seek our support for their campus political ambitions or for that of their love ones.

With my level of experience on this campus, I have deemed fit to put my pen and abstract together for work in order to enlighten my fellow students especially those who are new on campus (ND 1).

I love to share majority of my experience but it will become a long story, that should be a story for another day. On this campus, I have witnessed association weeks which I must confess are usually fun and educative. Wow! It will be a big and different story this year since our dear and most anticipated SUG is now alive to give us a different taste of the experience.

I have listed 5 activities students must ensure they participate in rather than see the associations week as holiday in disguise.

(1)The Cultural Day:
when i hear the world “culture” the first thing that comes to my mind is “ to make people see the different in my own culture and therefore should adopt it”. I don’t think any student would want to miss this facet of the “week”. It allows every students to come under one umbrella which is coordinated just by the attires they present.

(2)Old school day:
I must tell you that this segment is usually more comical. I remember many students coming to school in a kind of funny attire that does really remind you of how our fathers dressed before the world became a place of stepping out “half naked”.

This is really a segment I want must students to anticipate. Of course it is the educative segment of the week. In the past many associations have not adopted this style but with the new SUG on campus I bet the forth coming week will never go without educating us.

Of course the session is already at it peak and every departmental representatives are to conduct elections for their successors. During the week “manifesto” is staged for aspirants to address the students and most importantly to list their objectives. I remember going to see manifestos and hear aspirants speaking terrible English (lol). Yes, it is mostly caused by the fear created by the crowd in that multi purpose hall. Trust my experience, it is not so hard to face the crowd in that hall. Just make sure to not focus on them.

This is an act of the electoral body constituted by the students representatives to bring in new hands to make sure the rights of the students are been respected. Trust me, if you miss any electoral process in OGITECH you have just supported bad leadership. You should not even miss this. With my experience I can conclude that most aspirants loss elections because their supporters stay back just to hear the announcement of results. This act should change among students in order to not only have good campus leaders but to also have a better Nigeria.

Adebola Adedeji
(Aluta Doctor),
HND 1.
Micro Biology Student at
Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa.

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