The organizers of OGITECH All White Signing out Party has finally released the normination list for the Outstanding Persons Award (OPA), 2019 which is to start April 1st till 15th 2019. The event is packaged with 26 outstanding awards to be dished out on the D-Day.

Below are the lists of categories published online and link for normination

  1. Most Handsome
  2. Most Beautiful
  3. Most Intelligent (Male/Female)
  4. Most Enterprising (Male/Female)
  5. Most Influential (Male/Female)
  6. Most Popular (Male/Female)
  7. Most Courteous (Male/Female)
  8. Most Sophisticated (Male/Female)
  9. Most Photogenic (Male/Female)
  10. Most Innovative Student
  11. Best Dressed (Male/Female)
  12. Best Use of Social Media
  13. Best Couple
  14. Best Clique (Male/Female)
  15. Best MC
  16. Best Campus Writer
  17. Best Artiste (Male/Female)
  18. Socialite On Campus
  19. Charismatic Leader
  20. Big Bold & Beautiful
  21. Best DJ
  22. Best Poet
  23. Best Student Activist
  24. Best Athlete (Male/Female)
  25. Most Influential Lecturer
  26. Best Dressed Lecturer

• Nomination starts April 1 and closes April 15!..

Note: You’ll be disqualified if your nomination is more than two categories 🙊

website: https://opaawards.com.ng