Just in: Bats obstruct basketball match in U.S.

The National Basketball Association (NBA’s), team San Antonio Spurs contended with the Brooklyn Nets and several bats during Thursday’s home game as play was delayed when the creatures began flying around the AT&T Center.

With 7:31 remaining in the first quarter and the Spurs down 11-10, security guards took to the court for several minutes while they tried catching the bats.

It was unclear how they got into the venue or whether anyone was harmed. The Spurs went on an 8-0 run after the delay and won 117-114.

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At one point during the delay, the crowd began chanting the name of Spurs forward Manu Ginobili, the San Antonio Express-news reported.

One of his most memorable moments occurred nearly 10 years ago in a game against the Sacramento Kings.

With less than a minute remaining, a Mexican free-tailed bat began flying around the AT&T Center.

Ginobili swatted the bat, picked it up and gave it to an arena attendant.

“It’s just a mouse with wings,” Ginobili said at the time. “When you can’t dunk anymore, you have to find a way to make it into the news.

“So that’s what I did. I grabbed a bat. I didn’t think it was a big deal. I’m going to be retiring soon — if anybody has a pest problem.”

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2019/02/just-in-bats-obstruct-basketball-match-in-u-s/