OGITECH SUG Election- SUECO plead for cooperation

Its a great opportunity for the Management and NANS to hear our cry, the student union government of Ogun state institute of technology igbesa had been reinstated and new SUECO had been installed of which  Babatunde Damola Jamiu p.k.a Brown happened to be chairman. Once again we say congratulations.

However, while our usual amebo was going on, we found out that December 7th 2018 has been slated for the proposed SUG election (Source: Ogitech Chat Room and ogitechupdate.blogspot.com). As you all know that human wants are insatiable; the SUECO chairman quickly used the opportunity of being in one of the popular student forum to plea for all students and comrades cooperation.


He said; in saying Solidarity greetings to all my able leaders and powerful comrades I am comrade Babatunde Damola Jamiu p.k.a Brown the SUECO chairman
I must say this “if there is anyone who wants OGITECH to be liberated again I wouldn’t be left out” though the struggle didn’t start with me but I have been able to witness and be part of it at the long run.
I respect all the leaders and comrades. The plans made by the SUECO for the forthcoming election is fully endorsed by the management and all they want from us is the cooperation and oneness to ensure a successful election.
I hereby seek for our cooperation and support for the reinstatement of our lost Glory.
Meanwhile it is important to bring to your notice that collection of forms/campaign for the election had started since 20th November, 2018 this we got from a broadcast message sent to one of our Amebo. The message reads;
Solidarity greeting to all students of Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa. This is to inform you all that the electoral activities for the forthcoming Student Union Government (SUG) election is as follows:
20th – 26th Nov, 2018 – Collection of forms/Campaign.
28th – 29th Nov, 2018 – Screening.
30th Nov, 2018 Pasting of qualified candidates.
3rd Dec, 2018 SPC (Student Parliamentary Council) legislative arms Election
6th Dec, 2018 – Manifesto.
7th Dec, 2018 – Election.
Prices of Various offices are as follows:
Central executive Council; President, Vice-president & Gen. Secretary – N8,000; others N5,000.
Student Parliamentary council N4,000
For more inquiries and collection of forms please contact –0810 981 1754, 0818 050 7607.
We look forward to having your support towards the forthcoming election.
Aluta Continua….Victoria Ascerta…
The time we have been waiting for is finally here…
Remember dont sell your votes… Let’s have a free and fair election.
Yours in struggle.

E-signed by:
Comr. Babatunde Damola.
E-signed by:
Comr. John Great Ogah