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Moving out is great but can be scary, too, especially if you’re living away from your parents for the first time. Being on your own can make it so difficult to motivate yourself to read your Bible, go to church, etc. If one of the first things you do as soon as you move out is find a campus Christian fellowship group, you’re starting your adult life seekingout ways to keep your faith alive. And to me, that’s an amazing first step.

Campus Fellowship is a place for students and staff to come together to worship God and Christian support. A fellowship affiliated with Campus Crusade for Christ, Campus Fellowship holds weekly meetings for students to come together to enjoy a contemporary Christian worship, message, and fellowship.

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Bro. Olushola Adegboye [president of JCCF] said ,its lmportant that every christians  student  meets every friday  to unite and also to win souls for Christ . The school management should acknowledge student  christians the way they acknowledge the muslim fellows ,lecturers would want to held lectures from 12pm -2pm , it is not encouraging at all. christian  spiritual rights  is very important . the school  should  agree the lectures be from 10-12pm , so that all christians would be able to make it to the school fellowship. If a muslims held their fellowship time to timev, then the school should atleast let  the christians  hold their fellowship which occurs ones a week on friday  .

JCCF is the coming together of different churches and uniteas a body of Christ .

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