OGITECHAMEBO–Multipurpose hall, popularly knows as 32 million In new shape

Fortunately, there had been no accidents, no slips or electrocutions in this hall, and the staff with students can have confidence in the new roof’s 25-year guarantee.

New Roof Lights and no Leaks
Something that shouldn’t be overlooked is the amount of time staffs and students had to stop worrying about slip hazards.
Staff no longer, cleaners don’t need to mop up water and make sure that the students are safe in their day to day activities. They won’t have to worry about leaks into the hall during occasions and lectures All the above is in fact how schools multipurpose hall really should be. Students and school staff should be concentrating on doing their daily activities and maintaining safety, A well protected building is good for morale. Ogitech is at work

  • God bless Nigeria
  • God bless Ogun state
  • God bless ogitech
  • God bless the rector
  • God bless the staffs
  • God bless the comrades
  • God bless the students

God bless ogitechamebo