‘My only child, a virgin, was raped and stabbed to death with a knife taken from my kitchen’

•Bereaved mother seeks justice

By Dayo Johnson, Regional Editor, South-West

EVEN while on her menstrual flow, 20-year-old Seun Ajila Fionna, said to be a virgin, was raped and stabbed severally by her assailant in the home of her 60-year-old mother in Akure, Ondo State capital.

•Seun … murdered

Like a flint, the life of the only child of her mother was gruesomely terminated by yet to be identified killer.

She reportedly struggled with her killer hence the number of times she was stabbed with the knife the killer allegedly picked from the kitchen in the house.


Police detectives are working on the theory that her killer struggled to rape her and that, while she tried to free herself but couldn’t and attempted to raise the alarm, the killer was left with no option than to silence her.

The killer, according to detectives, succeeded in raping the victim despite her resistance and thereafter killed her to cover his tracks.

Sunday Vanguard learnt that the killer either came into the flat through the back door that was unlocked when the victim’s mother left the house that Thursday evening or he knocked the door and was ushered into the apartment by Seun.

The killer, who probably came purposely to rape her, could not be dissuaded by the blood stained menstrual pad she had in her private part but nonetheless had his way.

Call for justice

The bereaved mother, Yemisi Ajayi, has called for a thorough investigation into how her only child was murdered. She called for justice, saying the death of Seun should not be swept under the carpet.

She is, however, pointing accusing finger at her daughter’s boyfriend who is in police custody as principal suspect.

Sunday Vanguard was informed that the families of the victim and the suspect have been friends for over seven years and attended same church until the suspect’s father established his own church.

•Ebenezer … principal suspect

But the suspect denied complicity in the murder, describing the victim as a nice girl.

Family sources confirmed that the victim was stabbed on her neck, abdomen and close to her private part ostensibly while struggling with her killer at the mother’s home located around Sunday Bus Stop, Odo ljoka area of Akure.

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The noodles she had reportedly prepared to eat and a glass of water were said to have been found on the table in the apartment.

In what looked like a perfect plan, her killer reportedly waited for her mother to leave the house before striking.

Sunday Vanguard was reliably informed that the knife with which the victim was stabbed, a blood stained underwear and a menstrual pad were discovered under the mattress inside the room where her lifeless body was found by her mother.

The victim was said to be a virgin while a source said that she had declined sexual advances from the principal suspect since they started dating in January.

This had reportedly caused friction between them in June to the extent that the victim’s mother had to intervene and told the boyfriend to allow her daughter be until they get married for sex to happen.

The victim also reportedly expressed fear that she wanted to opt out of the relationship because she suspected that the boyfriend may have joined a gang of online fraudsters. But he denied this even before the victim’s mother but allegedly confessed that some of his friends were fraudsters.

Family sources said that Seun’s mother impressed it on the suspect not to trouble her daughter anymore on his sexual demand.

The suspect was alleged to have insisted on his demand until they parted for a while but later reunited after he reportedly promised to wait until they get married for sex.

Circumstantial evidence

Seun, who, two months ago, secured a teaching job in Akure, studied biology at Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo. She was also into selling weavon, ushering and online businesses.

Her mother was said to have alleged that the suspect called her twice on the day Seun was murdered asking from her where she (the mother) was.

Detectives were allegedly also informed that, on the day the victim was murdered, the suspect called one of his friends to inform him that Seun was dead.

On how the lady was killed, it was learnt that the “mother returned from work and met her daughter’s lifeless body on the floor of her apartment in the pool of her blood”.

A neighbour told Sunday Vanguard: “She immediately raised the alarm. The mother had left home by 4pm on the fateful day, called the deceased daughter around 5pm and, by the time she returned around 7pm, she met her daughter in her pool of blood stabbed severally in the throat, stomach, and abdomen and close to her private part.

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“There were different wounds on her body which indicated that someone must have fought with her inside the room and stabbed her to death.”


Meanwhile, Governor Rotimi Akeredolu has sympathised with the family of the deceased, assuring that his administration would support the police to fish out the perpetrator(s) of the dastardly act.

Akeredolu’s Chief Press Secretary, Segun Ajiboye, said: “Ondo State is not a haven or safe place for criminals and their backers to carry out their heinous crimes. It is either they change from their evil ways or the long arm of the law catches up with them.

“Let Seun’s killer(s) be aware that he/they will be fished out wherever he/they are hiding.

“The governor asks the state police command to go after the killer(s) for prosecution to ensure that the deceased and her family get justice”.

Police spokesperson in Ondo State, Femi Joseph, confirmed the arrest of the boyfriend of the deceased, identified as Adejimola Ebenezer, and the commencement of investigation into the rape and murder.

“The woman said she suspected her daughter’s boyfriend because he had misunderstanding with the deceased recently and that, on that fateful day, he called her (mother) on telephone twice between 7:05pm and 7:17pm to know her whereabouts”, the spokesperson added.

“The mother said it may be that the boyfriend wanted to know whether she was not at home in order for him to come and carry out his dastardly act.

Joseph said police detectives “have commenced investigation into the incident and the perpetrator(s) will be brought to book”.

According to him, the mother of the deceased, of Mary Labake Street, off Ijoka Abusoro, Akure, reported at ‘B’ Division Police Station that, at about 1800hrs when she came back from work, she met her daughter, one Ajila Oluwaseun Motrunrayo, ‘f’, aged 20, and of same address, lying dead in the pool of her blood.

He went on: “On close observation, it was discovered that she was stabbed to death by unknown assailant(s). One Adejimola Ebenezer, her boyfriend, ‘m’, age 22, of 62, Cannan Land, Ijoka, Akure, was arrested as the complainant claimed to suspect him as a result of his frequent phone calls to know the whereabouts of the complainant few hours earlier”.


But in an interview, the suspect denied killing the victim. He said that there was a break in their relationship few months back because of some issues but later reunited just of recent.

The suspect said he could not have killed her because they had no issues that would have led him to committing such dastardly act of murder.

It was gathered that post mortem examination on the corpse of the deceased would be carried out this week to determine the cause of death.

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/10/my-only-child-a-virgin-was-raped-and-stabbed-to-death-with-a-knife-taken-from-my-kitchen/