OGITECH: Chronicle of emotional sympathy

“Ogitech reaped me off probably because It knows I’ve got no other choices but Ogitech… More like cajoling me around.”

This is Adebowale; a Mechanical Engineering student of OGITECH pouring out his mind with a pen.

“More like mtn which gives Free data and take away their network.
Isn’t the world a cruel one???
Too many drop outs, why the tears all around… Nobody to assist with my predicament.”

“Then I struggle to find sail my yacht around, i found myself working in one of the companies in the free trade zone… Oh what a hell with the Chinese superiors…”

“Just as my hostel mate became a full time Olosho just for survival. My friends resort to stealing of petty things just to make ends meet, I hope he won’t be caught up with soon.”

“Oh, life is sweet when you are happy,
When you are comfortable,
When you have no cause for agony.”
“Oh I struggled to conquer…Just few days to ND 2 second semester exams.”

“Oh exams are over,
You got that white piece of clothing just to be design with markers….
Oh school is fun.”
“Some came to oppress, to many people to contain.”

“I needed to proceed with my project,
You couldn’t meet up with the financial aspect of it…” “Automatically you got a carryover in some courses which you would have to pay another school fees the coming year just to proceed with….”

To be continued.
My eyes are heavy, lemme close them.
Sleepiness ☹

Well the write up seem broken but kinda makes sense. Sometimes you really need the broken pieces to get the greatness in it.