Who among PDP presidential candidates can challenge President Buhari ? – Nigerians speak

It’s either Saraki or Atiku – Uche Anyabuike, Banker/Political Scientist

My soft spot for the PDP is not hidden. As for the aspirants jostling for the platform of the party to unseat Buhari and his failed experiment, I will like to state clearly that everyone of them has what it takes to do better than the government at the centre today.

However, when two or more things or people are compared, one must come out tops. Let me try to reduce this analysis to a two- horse race situation, particularly between Saraki and Atiku without being unmindful of the delegates who will vote during the weekend. Atiku and Saraki both have the capacity to build bridges across both religious and ethnic divides and their approach to issues are more civil and liberal. In the south, particularly in the south east and south south, political liberalism is home and therefore a robust ground for these aspirants.

The south west for me, is where the job is troubling. This is because as events continue to prove, the south west is or has become dangerously conservative to the extent to which the core north trails it now. So whoever breaks the west, unseats Buhari. So for me, Saraki or Atiku has the capacity to poke their fingers in the west and lick out some honey!

None would unseat Buhari because… – Emele Chijindu Emmanuel, Teacher
In my opinion, none of them will unseat President Buhari. Not because they can’t, but because APC is too desperate to hold on to power. So even if the PDP presents a man as good and perfect as Jesus Christ, Buhari will still win in 2019, because the election will not be free and fair. Osun state gubernatorial election has just given us a glimpse of what the 2019 presidential election would look like.

Saraki can oust the President, but … – Shola Oluwadahun, Entrepreneur
I think the one person who can personally oust this president is Bukola Saraki, but he won’t be able to because of his party. We all know that no matter how hard the opposing party tries, they won’t win the upcoming elections.

I mentioned Bukola Saraki because I believe he has a large group of supporters, those we can see and those we can’t see, this was quite evident when he defected from APC to PDP, a large number of people did the same, this included Governors, Senators, House of Representative members and so on.

If he wins the primaries to be held on Saturday, he will be a worthy opponent but I think PDP might want to go for Atiku Abubakar which would cost them not only a large group of supporters but also the upcoming election. I also think a new and fresh candidate like Saraki would be a bigger blow for APC in the elections.

Atiku can easily defeat Buhari, but … – John Mathias, Lawyer
The candidates from North West and North East geopolitical zones will be in a better position to unseat PMB. Personally I believe Atiku Abubakar will easily defeat PMB going by his acceptability in Southern Nigeria, the North Central and Northeast. The only problem he has is the notion most people have that he is very corrupt. Atiku with the support of other contestants will defeat Buhari.

Bukola Saraki has what it takes – Folashade Princess Lolade, Corps Member
I would say Bukola Saraki. This is because despite certain accusations levelled against him, he has come to be one smart and intelligent politician. Also, judging by his new found love for humanity – he has toured the thirty-six states for what might seem like a campaign.

So he is beginning to gain the attention of most citizens of the country. Moreso, the emergence of Dr Bukola Saraki in transformation or permutations has taken me by surprise. Even with the constant attacks on his personality and his position as the senate president, he has maintained a standard of political dexterity that shows he is a man of his words judging by what we see and hear.

Saraki is more capable – Olamide Olumide, Broadcaster
I think Saraki is capable of dethroning president Buhari, because he is the youngest of all the presidential candidates and we crave for a young president. Moreso, he has the capability to win because he has been a part of the system from the scratch. He has served as governor, as well as senate president.

Saraki will most likely unseat Buhari – Obiajulu-Okonjo Peter Chike, Soccer Analyst
Personally, I think Saraki can, because he has shown times without number that he is well grounded in the system and since he is the only one who seems to have occupied the highest seat recently. I believe he has a stake for that slot and can most likely unseat Buhari.

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