PDP Nat Convention: What aspirants told delegates as exercise tilts towards voting

By Egufe Yafugborhi

PORT HARCOURT – Atiku Abubakar: Upon election, I will work with you, all Nigerians, to rebuild infrastructures needed to get Nigeria working again.

Attahiru Bafarawa: What I have done for eight years as governor I will do for the country. We must be one in order to serve the country better.

PDP Presidential candidates

Dankwambo: When some other aspirants ran from PDP in 2015, I stayed, kept faith with party, worked for the party, contested and won as Governor in the party. At 56, I am not to young to run, not to old to retire. I am the one the country needs to turn things around at the moment.

Datti Ahmed: I stand for security of lives and property, because I can’t stand the mindless killings under the current government. I stand for the wellbeing of Nigerians, because I can’t stand the mass poverty under Buhari. I stand for honour and integrity because I can’t stand the corruption under Buhari.

Jonah Jang: I will push for restructuring. Call me Mr. Restructuring. Nigeria will have a definitive restructuring. I will give the country a deserved government, lay foundation for the youths to build a better Nigeria tomorrow.

Ibrahim Kwankwanso: To ensure a government that will embrace everybody, Christians and Muslims. A government that will give recognition to our deserving party members.

We will do appropriate restructuring, adequate reforms to revive the economy, reform police and other security institutions to ensure success of our government.

Lamido: Feel free, vote your conscience. Your conscience is my conscience. Let’s do the right thing. If you don’t vote freely, we will not do the nation good.

Makarfi: Security challenges will be addressed under me. I a man of many phases and don’t forget I champion the course of restoring our great party on the part of greatness.

David Mark: I am gender sensitive, the only aspirant with a female as Campaign DG. I will have a quick action to unite the country on ethnic, religious or political line. The country has not been this divided.

Once there is unity there will be lasting peace. Only in an enabling environment would our economy thrive. Having security background and experience, I will reorganise our security architecture to cope with modern security challetruatedI have the courage and knowledge to tackle security and the economy which has been nosediving. We have a blueprint to revive the economy in 730 days. I have the courage and political will and tract record to be trusted.

Saraki: If you looking for a courageous leader to unite this country, you will vote me. If you are looking for a leader who will uphold justice and make the country better, you will vote for me.

Don’t vote on sentiments. Let’s vote for today and tomorrow. I will have a your driven government. This is the time for youth leadership.

Tambunwal: I am well prepared with legislative, executive experiences and as member of the Body of Benchers, to lead the country.

When elected, I will provide 21st Century leadership with some of the best hands in the country irrespective of age. We must bring in new ideas, outside the box, promoting Science and Technology, to drive agriculture, innovations, create jobs, improve security, and attract invecharacternd provide alternatives to what we have. I am the man with the experience to make that difference.

Turaki: We need a candidate who can stand against the President of the ruling party. I have integrity, courage, character and political will and capacity to take decisive decisions. A candidate that respects the rule of law and fear of God, a person with the right education. Shine your eye and vote for me.

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/10/pdp-nat-convention-what-aspirants-told-delegates-as-exercise-tilts-towards-voting/