PDP condemns alleged Police attack on Saraki, Fayose, Secondus, others

Dr Olusegun Ijagbemi, National Chairman, Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP), says the party will surprise all the existing strong political parties in the country by defeating them in the 2019 Presidential Election.


Ijagbemi stated this in an interview with newsmen on Friday in Abuja.

There are presently 91 registered political parties in the country with the All Progressives Congress (APC) as the ruling party while the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP) among others, being the leading opposition parties.

‘’Our party is a divine party that is yet to emerge to the limelight of the world and that is the surprise package that it is going to give to the existing strong parties.

‘’It is going to emerge suddenly just like David that has no political experience but was able to defeat Goliath.

‘’So we have a lot of Goliath political parties now shouting at each other.

He said though JMPP was ready to join forces with any political leader, ‘’who is ready to take the 12 Pillars of Oath of the party, the party would not have alliance with people who are selfishly pursuing political leadership.”

Ijagbemi, who acknowledged that President Muhammadu Buhari is a man of integrity, said his party, when elected into power would not relent in removing the virus of corruption from the country.

‘’Our president has a lot of prestige and that was why we voted for him in 2015. How many politicians of today can stand out like he stood out in 2015?

‘’So, we want every Nigerian to have this same image. The oath will make you to have a good name in Nigeria. It is the selling point of JMPP

‘’JMPP is not going to have alliance with people who are selfishly pursuing political leadership because what they want to do is to rob the nation when they get there,” he said.

He said it was disheartening that most politicians were desperately seeking for political offices ‘’because they see it as an opportunity to go and steal.”

‘’We are the only party that can remove the virus of corruption in the entire parties that exist because we were given the unique formulae that can purify you and purge you of corruption and make you to be able to resist corruption from one Naira upward because you will swallow what is called the 12 Pillars of Oath.

‘’The oath will make you to be able to build strong, trustable leaders that will use their lives as collateral to secure.

According to him, JMPP is a party for all Nigerians be they Muslims or Christians.

‘’This party will not discriminate against any Nigerian,” the chairman said.

Ijagbemi, who called on Nigerians to vote for the party at various levels in 2019, charged the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to conduct a free, fair and credible elections.


Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/10/pdp-condemns-alleged-police-attack-on-saraki-fayose-secondus-others/