NUBIFIE’s crisis resolved, new leadership emerges

By Victor Young
NATIONAL Union of Banks, Insurance and Financial Institutions Employees, NUBIFIE, has announced an end to the internal crisis rocking the union since September 2017 delegates conferen-ce, with the emergence of a new leadership, headed by Anthony Abakpa from Polaris Bank, to run its affairs for the next four years.

Abakpa’s emergence as the President of NUBIFIE followed the resignation of Danjuma Musa and other elected National Administrative Council, NAC, members at a reconciliatory National Executive Council, NEC, meeting in Abuja.

At a briefing in Lagos to formerly hand over the mantle of leadership to Abakpa, outgoing President, Mr. Musa, said the resignation of his executive was a sacrifice to end the internal crisis in the union for it to move forward.

According to him, although the lingering internal crisis had made the union to suffer, it had equally “presented opportunity to learn and understand from the milieu of diverse opinions as well as the nature of relationships and roles played by various stakeholders while the crisis lasted.

“Notwithstanding the roles played by individuals, institutions or organisations in either abetting or abating the crisis, we must commend the membership and staff of the union for remaining steadfast, resolute and resistant in the face of several powerful hostilities that sought to entrench an alien contraption on the union in absolute contempt of the union’s constitution.

“But while appreciating the roles played by stakeholders in ensuring the resolution of the crisis, it is noteworthy to acknowledge the great sense of maturity, integrity and uncommon sacrifice, displayed by the national officers, some of whom were duly elected at the union’s delegates conference, but for the sake of peace and general well-being of the union had to voluntarily sacrifice their positions just for the union to move forward.”

Musa pleaded with the staff and members of the union to support the new executives to enable them discharge their responsibilities as required of them by the constitution.