OGITECH erects Watchtower, See Amebo facts and Prophecies

On May 25, 2018 Fulyarn news agency reported that the school erected Watch Tower to improve security. Well, this is a development has now been almost completed if not completed – It seem to add to the beauty of the school and considering the fact that its mainly for security reasons, we say well done to the school management.

However, we noticed that there are amazing facts associated to this building which may interest you to know. We have therefore decided to let them out.

Security system in the school will now be strict
The watchtower may not necessarily be the basis for strict security measures but trust me, it will contribute to it. Lol who knows, it may be use as “guard room” then you hear stuff like “I will lock u in the watch tower if you misbehave” – Lol.. Just saying

The first storey building in OGITECH
Well, that’s just the truth, this watchtower is actually the first and only storey building in OGITECH for now. Maybe this is a sign that we should be expecting more storey buildings erected in the school soon. Just maybe.

Students will soon take pictures with the building
This I believe is not news anymore as OGITECH students (especially female) are of the habit of taking pictures with new buildings in the school. Jus watch out for this one, the building will suffer!

The watchtower may contain CCTV
Well, this may not be a fact but a report gotten from Fulyarn news agency while interviewing tbr Chief Security Officer, Mr. Abass. He said …”In an attempt to improve the security the school has erected a WATCH TOWER to see to the security affairs of the school which will contain CCTV cameras and other security equipment at a later time.”

Well, these are few facts and prophecy I can think of right now. This article will be updated once there are new facts about the WatchTower.

Drop yours in the comment box.