Nigerian Youths to take over power, creates group

Some sets of under 45years old adults has decide to embark on the journey of bringing Nigeria Youths into power. The group which is mainly run on the media named herself Nigeria Youths Are Not Lazy (NYANL).

According to one of the initiators, Comrade Adebowale Daniel;
It Is Youths’ Time, Youths Are Taken Over!!!

Nigeria youths have come together with name NYANL (Nigeria Youths Are Not Lazy), and they have covered the 36 State and FCT of Nigeria in just 2 weeks. This is what has never happened in the world, for a Nation’s youths to come together and decide to take over peacefully. The youths have decided that they have taken their responsibilities to prove that they are not lazy and they have all it takes to rule the nation better and faster.

NYANL  Aim is: To bring Nigeria youths (45 and below) to government and political offices from 2019. (Presidency, Gubernatorial, Senates, Ministries, Local Government chairmen, councilors).
NYANL Objectives are

(1) To awake youth awareness and consciousness to occupy political offices come 2019 (2) Encourage youths to
Take PVC
Contest for 2019 Election and
Not take a gift for a vote
Vote for only youths.

he further said, ‘ We are not waiting for our future anymore because our future is now, we won’t sit down anymore to watch our elderly politicians while they keep putting us in more predicament. My primary school teacher told me in the 80s that I am a leader of tomorrow, but I am so surprised that the people ruling when I was born were still running now. That makes me think that my teacher was wrong, but no, she was right, If she wasn’t Saleh Ali al-Sammad wouldn’t have become the President of Supreme Political Council of Yemen at 37 years, Tamim bin Hammad Al Thani the Emir of Quater at 33 years, Kim Jong Un the Supreme Leader of North Korea at 28 years, Vanessa D’Ambrosio (A female) the Captain Regent of San Marino, Europe at 29 and many others. Well, am going to far, what about in our own dear Nation (Nigeria). What about the 3rd Head of State of Nigeria, General Yakubu “Jack” Dan-Yumma Gowon lead Nigeria at 32 years, General Muhammadu Buhari the Head of State of  Nigeria at 41 years, Major-General Olusegun Obasanjo the Head of State Nigeria at 39 years and so many others. Please if these people can rule at a very young age, then Nigeria youths are lazy if they sit down and watch without taken charge. The only way we (Nigeria Youths) can prove that we are not lazy is to come together, get our PVC, contest for political offices, avoid gift (like rice, noodles, money) for vote and vote for only youths. We have decided to stop selling our right and future. 

If you are a Nigeria youth quickly volunteer and join this NYANL movement by registering on

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