Rectors cup to start May 7th with challenging fixtures

The fixtures of OGITECH Rectors cup which is to starts on the 7th of may 2018 for both male and female is finally out. The yearly football competition between departments of the school seem to be a challenging one considering how the fixtures was designed.

However, all focus are mostly on Business administration department as they have been the winner of the Rector’s cup for more than 2 years now – they even won the last concluded fresher’s cup. We hope this will repeat itself this year.

See fixtures elow::::

Rector’s cup 2018 fixtures

Male fixtures

Group A
Com sci
Mech eng

Group B
Mass com

Group C
Bus Admin
Com eng
Public Admin

Group D
Banking and finance

Female fixtures
Group A
Mass com vs marketing

Group B
Accounting vs SLT

Group C
Com sci vs Bus Admin

Group D
Banking/finance vs Public Admin