Facebook user blasts popular blogger for content theft

A popular Anti BBNaija activist and Agric blogger; Yakubu Jimoh has again posted an article to end plagiarism in blogging as he expresses how disappointed he is to a popular blogger; Kemi Fulani for publishing his story without giving credit to him.

Yakubu has gone as far as sending an open letter on Facebook to express how angry and bitter he is for a co blogger to be reaping the fruit of his labour. He went further to say that “I am told that’s how she has been copying and pasting”

Read his letter below:
As copied on Yakubu Jimoh John’s Facebook wall


I wrote out an article on March 11 on my Facebook Wall Titled: Letter To Dear Slay Queens and Lazy Youths.

Immediately after publishing I sent out to Mr Olatunji Abdulkabir (Opinions.ng) for publication on his blog, he included my Biography in brief and Name.

It even made Nairaland front page, like we know some blogs rely on Nairaland for news, Those blogs too actually give me credit my short biography.

But A Unrepentant Lazy Blogger, Kemi Filani, Out of her own power copied the article and remove my name and biography. She is trying to feel like a boss. I made outreach some bloggers, I am told that’s how she has been copying and pasting.

Dear, Kemi You are not an Agriculturist, Nobody gave you task to research, where did you get the article? Even Me I do copy and paste with credit.

By the Grace of God, I am scheduled to meet these two sisters who are mushroom Farmers in Rwanda here next week, Kemi is in Lagos trying to reap my labour.

I am giving you a straight warning now to remove it from your blog now and stop reaping from other people hardworking. Kemi is part of those covering others stars in Nigeria and Climbing others by pulling them down.

I spend money, time to garned information together, you will sit in your office to use it in money making.

This is Kemi Pasting the news https://www.kemifilani.com/2018/03/nigerian-slay-queens-agriculture.html

This is the Link from opinions.ng
Its is on my Facebook Profile.
Share to End Plagiarism.

Yakubu Jimoh is a Opinion Writer, Farmer, Anti BBNaija and Human Welfare Advocate.