OGITECH’s Effective healthcare services as tested and confirmed by a comrade

It never dawned on us how effective the School’s healthcare service might be not until we visited on Friday 23rd February, 2018 to see how staff responds to the students. Coincidentally, medical tests was being carried out on all fresh students

We therefore decided to use this avenue to interview some of the students and asked if the healthcare staff are treating/attending to them well. Convincingly, all the interviewee confess to be satisfied with the staffs.

Freshers being attended to by Healthcare staff

For clarity sake, we also decided to test the healthcare staff with one of our reporters whom got injured on his toe some days agoComrade Adebowale Daniel (a.k.a Talosmart).

Daniel went to the center and _ about his toe requesting to be treated s a matter of urgency. The staff understood the level at which an emergency case is to be handled so without wasting time, (even with crowd being diagnosed), one Ms Temitope attended to him, clean the blood on his toe, gave our reporter a proper treatment and medication.

Ms Temitope

After being convinced, We then told all the staff about our mission at the healthcare center and we adviced all other staffs to be like Ms Temitope if not better and keep the good work going.

This is also to inform all OGITITES that the health center is available for their care. The unit is very effective and available whenever their services is needed. Gone are the days of visiting the healthcare center with doubts.

Reported by Daniel Skenty