SCAM ALERT: Users uses this Advert and name for data sale 419. BEWARE!

SCAM ALERT! Wherever you see this advert, picture, phone number(s) and account details please remove your slippers and run

Yesterday, 15th February, 2017 someone in a WhatsApp group I manage reported another group member for being scammed of data sales. The alleged scammer was suppose to share a certain amount of data to this victim after payment had been confirmed. He didn’t transfer the data, didn’t pick his calls and later said sorry, it was bad effect of networks . LOL, In order not to lay false accusation I decided to make my findings which turns out to be positive.

In my findings, this user(s) pastes data sales adverts on various platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, blogs etc) with various profile name and phone numbers.

The advert goes thus:
how to become a representative

we teach how to sell data using data share and we sell data to resellers,, IT IS A Profitable business,, bcos everybody needs internet to email us

1GB= ₦500
3GB = ₦1000
7GB = ₦2000 14GB=₦3000
3months unlimited
30GB=₦6000 6month unlimited

4GB = ₦1000 4.5GB=₦1500
8GB = ₦2000 2month unlimited
14GB = ₦3000
30GB = ₦6000 4months unlimited

3.5GB = ₦1000
8.5GB = ₦2000 3month unlimited
15GB = ₦3000
30Gb = ₦6000 4month unlimited

4.5GB = ₦1000
9.5GB = ₦2000 2month unlimited
15GB = ₦3000
30GB = ₦6000 4month unlimited

wifi modem
Mtn ₦10000

Glo= ₦6500 with 2month unlimited data

9mobil ₦6000 with 4month unlimited

Note after payment you forward your proof of payment to our number via text or whatappv +234 9065189780 along with your subscription number.__

Some of the names that had been linked to this advert are:
Godswill Charity on Facebook but with a different phone number and a WhatsApp group BEWARE!
Oghene grant on Facebook yet with another phone number. BEWARE!
Prince Babatunde Olaitan on Facebook of course with another phone number. BEWARE!
James Miller on Facebook with a different phone number too. BEWARE!
Olalomi Remi on Facebook
Bankole Bello on Facebook also known as Bankole Goodluck on whatsapp and Jamgbadi Elvis as his account name.

My main focus for now is the Bankole. He is the alleged scammer that made this scam alert an official publication.

Meanwhile, the screenshot of my chat and Bankole is at the end of this article. Bankole uses 09065189780 as his phone number for now, this same number is linked with his eco bank account used for the transactions (I.e his account number is 9065189780)

In my findings, a facebook user also tagged this same advert post as scam and warns Nigeriana to beware See

On this note, I beseech you all to be vigilant, report those numbers as scam if need be and share this post so that your relatives will not fall victim.

This was the victim chat and proof of fund transfer with the alleged

These are the pictures he uses on Facebook and he claims to be his identity on WhatsApp

Here are my conversations with him on WhatsApp. In no particular order please

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