The Rector, 16, January 2018
Ogun State Institute of Technology, Igbesa,
Ogun state,

Dear Ma,

We greet you honorably on behalf of all students of our great citadel of learning, *OGITECH*. Compliment of the season, congratulation on achieving the school’s first convocation during your administration. We hope to get more of the initiatives and especially the publicity which you have invested more on.

Many students who graduated in the past three years can say they enjoyed a good environment and learning centers unlike those who graduated before you were installed as the Rector of OGITECH. This is not because the Student Union Government was crippled during your tenure ,nor because the students doesn’t enjoy the right to influence what the management decides. But, your effort in making the school more sensible by completing some unfinished projects and your initiative in getting as many lecturers and the various *new courses* that was accredited.

Economics came because human wants cannot be satisfied, then economics said *needs and wants* are not the same.

The students said we needed SUG and was provided with SRC which students and management can say and say again that are just figure head and that SRC is just to keep the students mute of our cries for our dear SUG.

Ma, we needed a platform that can hear our cry and fight for us. We were provided with it a platform that will record our voices of agitation and send to those you will punish us in order for them not to be punished by their results.

We asked for students leadership with strong mind but all we got is leadership with phobia of result. Even when the criteria for choosing the SRC is known, why did management betray the students by going for what they pleas? When we agree the best students should lead us why is the poor student enjoying the privileged and thereby selling our rights?

Ma, sometimes last year, whilst the convocation week was on. OGITECH students was insulted by NANS reps that we aren’t matured to handle SUG even though we produced the association’s General Secretary. But we had SUG before the school manifested to the level of today.

We need our dear *SUG*,SRC we don’t want!. Ma, we know the *SUG* would be reinstated with *a word by you.*The students union government is not for riot, chaos, protest, murder and destabilization. We see no reason our management are keeping it away from the students.

OGITECH students are not problems shooter but rather elite with unique understanding and a problem solver in the large society. Ma, the fact is that we are sick of SRC and they can’t give what we need and they only suppose they are just figure head and with a popular and common saying among them that *Result matters most and not Struggle*.
Student leaders don’t reason that way and yet they come out in flying colours.

We hope to hear and also read your positive feedback in order for us to continue enjoying a great and peaceful OGITECH.

*Yours Faithfully,*
Signed by: *OGITECH students and alumi

By Amebo

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