Universities education is saddled with the responsibility of producing high level of Man power to improve the nation economy growth and development, the scope of service delivery at the University goes beyond undergraduates activities, it also covers the post graduate Students which includes Masters, P. Just G. D. E, PhD etc.

There is no doubt that education is too vital to the survival of any nation that it should be treated as a subject beyond politics or evasive polemics. It is not deniable that Nigeria Government is presently not doing enough, by world standards.

Globally, there is the usual sneer when Nigerian universities are mentioned and a quick link is made with unstable university policies.

This image robs graduates of Nigerian universities of international esteem even when their worth has not been proven through employment.

If University education is the bedrock of national development, therefore the agitation for competent hands to put the government of the day on their toes is paramount and very important for a better Future.

The search light for who will lead this titanic struggle was on for a long time, as i stylishly boycotted the calls because of reason best known to me.

Unavoidably, i was hooked by Stakeholders and Senators whom i couldn’t disregard their submission. No man is infallible

Yours’ truly, only the dead has witnessed the end of struggle, i agreed.

Sincerely yours, my wealth of experience in students/youths unionism is needed to lead the revolution.

I hereby Accept the mandate as the Senate President of NAUS covering over 87 universities all over Nigeria.

To serve, to legislate, to agitate, to defend and to make impact as the welfare and plight of University students in Nigeria is concerned.

The end is always the beginning.

Appreciation goes to you all, Leader Big J of Zone C, Tj sokoto of Zone A, Gambo of Zone A, Rugged JCC Chairman of Ondo, Captain of Zone D, leader Adeyemi, Aruson of EKSU, Sanni Rahman of Tasued, Newton of FUTA, Samtex of OSUTECH, Yahya Ujama, Aluta Thunder, Aboki of MAUTECH, Fada 02, most especially Jonathan Success the outgoing National President.

He who pebble someone with stone, surely ask for rock in return. I won’t disappoint the trust bestowed on me, we shall deliver through better representation and display of leadership efficacy.

Dear compatriots, the plane is about to project, fasten your seat belt…

We wont tolerate nonsense.

Yours in struggle

. O

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