started out by kissing her mouth and face, and then I moved on down to her neck, and gave it some kisses.Next, I moved on down to her still very boyish n—–s and kissed them as I felt her wiggle and giggle at my administrations.From there, I slowly kissed my way on down as I felt her still wiggling around and giggling at the touch of my lips until I felt my mouth now ringing her bellybutton.From there, I knew that I was now entering very e—-c territory as I slowly moved on down kissing all over her abdomen until I once again felt my mouth at the very start of her puffy m—d.By this time, I felt my own body now really trembleing with all of the sexual excitement that I was feeling building up inside me. So I very slowly worked my lips all over the very front of her m—d until I could feel the very beginnings of her slit.Then, as I looked up, I saw that she was again in that same pose that she was last week with her arms flung up above her head and that same big grin on her face as she both watched and felt what I was doing to her.I could even feel her hips squirming around as I continued to kiss the very top of her m—d for a bit before I saw her legs finally but very quickly spread wide apart for me.So I repositioned myself in-between them, and that’s when I felt my lips now kissing the junction of her thigh and p—y.I then kissed all around the circumference of her p—y until I felt her frantically trying to move her hips around trying to get my mouth on down over her p—y proper.I then finally obliged her as I heard her let out a long moan, and that’s when I felt both my mouth and tongue just clamp right against her whole p—y.That’s when I heard her squeal out with sexual pleasure as she felt my tongue lick the length of her slit until I was licking all around her c–t. At that point, she finally fell quiet but kept on gyrating her hips all around seemingly in time with my tongue.As I s—-d her c–t into my mouth, I felt her gyrating turn into bucking, and soon, I heard her squeal as I finally felt her actually lift her bottom off of the bed and hold it there as I felt her freeze right on up into an o—-m, and that squeal lasted all through her o—-m until she finally started to relax again.As I continued to play with her c–t with my mouth, I felt her quickly go on into another o—-m. So I continued on as I awaited her to finally push me away again. But this time it didn’t happen. I just felt her again very quickly go on into yet another o—-m as she continued on squealing and bouncing her bottom up and down.Soon, I had lost count of the amount of orgasms I had given her before I finally just had to take my mouth away from overwork.So I moved myself back up on the bed and wrapped my arm around her just as I felt her bury her head against my neck,There I cuddled her still shuddering small body against me for quite a while before I finally felt her perk back up and say, “Oh daddy, that was even better than last week’s. OH! I love you so much. OH! I want you to keep on doing that to me all the time now. Oh! It’s so much fun.”I wondered what she was up to as I then watched her get up on her knees and grin at me. I knew she was up to something. But I didn’t know what. So I watched as she worked her way down towards my legs, and then in a flash, I felt her pull at my shorts.I don’t know how she managed it, but she actually got them down far enough so that my d–k was sticking straight up in the air, entirely exposed. Then I felt her wrap her hands around it and say, “Now I’m going to do that to you daddy.”I was now in such a state of sexual shock that I just couldn’t move or say anything, and I just couldn’t believe what I was watching as I saw her actually get down and put her small mouth down right over the head of my d–k.So there I laid in frozen sexual shock as I both watched and felt her move her warm wet mouth all over the head of my d–k, and it was just the matter of seconds before I felt my sexual excitement build up so high that I felt myself literally explode my c-m right into her mouth.I guess she didn’t know anything about a man’s c-m yet, and I guess that it hit her with such complete surprise that she reacted and gagged on the first load.As she tried to pull her mouth away, I saw the second load get her right on the nose. She then lifted up her head to look at me with a very surprised look on her face when yet another load got her under the chin, and she continued to give me that shocked surprised look as I watched my c-m slowly stream down both her face and body.I finally said, “It looks like you got the surprise of your life. Didn’t you?”I watched her look at me in her most shocked expression as she looked just like she was about to cry when she sheepishly shook her head ‘yes.’ So I said, “Lets get you in the bathroom and get you all cleaned up.”As I helped her clean my c-m from her face and body, I told her all about it and just what it did. Then I heard her ask, “Will the stuff that I got inside my mouth hurt me?”“Oh no. You can drink it all day and it won’t hurt you. All it’ll do is just give you a little more protein, that’s all.”“Well, it didn’t seem to taste too badly though. Daddy, why didn’t you tell me about it?”“I’m sorry, but you acted before I had a chance to warn you.”It was now my turn to be shocked as I heard her ask, “Can I try to do that again?”All I could say was, “Well sure, that is if you really want to.”“Yeah, I’d like to do that to you again. Oh daddy, you made me feel so good that I wanted to do the same for you, and I was afraid that you would try to stop me. Why didn’t we ever do any.…

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