SEX SEDUCTION (18+) Episode 4

We must have laid there like that for quite a while as I went over and over in my mind just what I had just done to my own small daughter. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that she actually was a very sexual person also, and that we had just accidentally discovered each other’s sexuality and had somehow managed to enjoy it very immensely.
I knew what I had done to her was really very forbidden by society, but then I realized that she was the one who had instigated it while I just followed along from her directions, and that we both had now enjoyed a very special loving intimacy with each other that we had never known before. So instead of being upset about it, we both continued to hold each other as I wondered just how many other dads out there had ever experienced this same kind of intimacy with their own daughters.
But eventually as she finally perked back up again, I heard her ask, “Oh daddy, I really loved what you did to me. You really made me feel so good. Oh, that was absolutely fantastic….. Why does it feel so good when you lick my pee-pee with your tongue like that?”
As I sat there on her bed, I explained all about the rudiments of s-x to my little daughter as I realized that I really had never ever talked about s-x with her before
I guess it was because it had never really entered my mind that she was really growing older and was also turning into a sexual person also, and now, I realized that she was no longer just that pretty little sexless doll of mine that I had always known before.
Because of our experiences together this morning, she seemed to actually comprehend all of what I was talking about.
But as I sat there, I had all but forgotten that all I had on was just a tee shirt and my now c-m soaked boxer shorts. As I looked down, I saw that my shorts were still absolutely sopping wet from all the c-m I shot into them. So I quickly excused myself and told her, “Hurry up and get dressed, and we’ll have breakfast.”
As I walked out of her bedroom, I heard her giggle as she said, “Daddy, your underpants are all wet.”
As I got dressed, I now suddenly felt really quite guilty over what I had just done to my own daughter, and I now felt so guilty about it that I really didn’t want it to go any further, and I was also really hoping that our little experience this morning on her bed had not caused her any ill effects.
During breakfast, she again asked why my underpants were so wet. So I had to explain all about men shooting out semen, and that she had gotten me so sexually excited that I had actually went into a c—-x and shot out a whole bunch of my semen right into my underpants.
The week went on by quite uneventfully, but I still wrestled in my mind with my very guilty conscience about just what I had done to, what I thought, my still very innocent little daughter. But it still seemed very highly e—-c to me from what I had done with her though. Why it all seemed so wild to me that I even had to relive it over and over again in my mind; especially the part where I actually had my mouth down against her p—y. But she still seemed to have suffered no ill effects, and if nothing else, seemed to be even all the more happier from our little experience.
Of course I did think about the effects that it had on me – how her cute little bald p—y had both tasted and felt when I had both my mouth and tongue down against it, and just how she had reacted to my administrations.
But every time I thought about it, I could feel my body literally tremble with a sexual excitement that I had never known before, and I was now even having trouble quite often doing my work. It was a sexual experience that I had never experienced before – not from any of my old girlfriends or even from my ex-wife. I realized that some of my experiences with them had been really quite fantastic but nothing we ever did ever seemed to approach that most e—-c sexual experience that I had last Saturday morning with my own little daughter though.
Suddenly, as I woke up, I realized that it was Saturday morning again and I again felt all too glad that I didn’t have to go to work.
As I laid there in bed, thinking about all of the chores that I should be doing on my day off, I saw Diane suddenly burst into my room, jump up on my bed, and fling her arms around my neck. I had never received this type of attention from her ever before, and suddenly I realized just what was going on as she whispered into my ear, “Daddy, will you do that to me again just like you did last week? Please?”
As I felt her small arms wrapped around my neck while her little mouth gave me little kisses all over my face, just from hearing all of the excitement that was in her voice, I gave in.
I now realized that I was no longer the stern sterile dad that I always thought I was while now feeling myself melting back down to her every little wish, and from what my own body was trying to tell me, I realized that I could now no longer physically or mentally back out from her sexual desires any longer as I felt myself just gradually dissolve right into a very faithful s-x slave – just waiting to do her bidding.
After I finally got my arms out from under the covers and wrapped them around her, I asked, “Do you really want me to do that to you again?”
“Oh yes daddy that was so much fun. Oh please? I think you’re the nicest daddy in the whole world.”
That’s all it took. Then, as I capitulated, I managed to release ourselves from the covers, and threw them off.
I then noticed that all she had on was just a short night shift. So I pulled it on up on her until it was all bundled up around her chest. But then, when she lifted her arms over her head, I got the idea and lifted it on up and over her head.
As I now laid there with her next to me, I just had to run my free hand all over her now very naked body as I felt her exquisitely young smooth skin against me and my fingers.
Of course my d–k had instantly gone hard with her first touch.
But then, I had never really thought of my daughter as a sexual being before last Saturday. But now, I could feel myself actually trembling from the realization that I was now about to experience another wild sexual adventure …

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