SEX SEDUCTION (18+) . Episode 3

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Now, every kiss that I made on that part of her body made me all that more excited as I heard her, “Oooooo, that feels real funny daddy…. Oh! Keep on doing it…. Oh daddy, daddy…. Oooooo, down more…. Oh please daddy, kiss me down more.When I heard her say that, I realized that she now wanted me to kiss her on further down in-between her legs. But how was I supposed to do that as I realized that I was now caught up so deeply in her sexual trap that I could no longer pull myself away.So, I just let myself go, and did her bidding.I guess that I must have been kissing her down there for quite some time when I felt her legs trying to move even further apart as I felt her small hands trying to push my head even more down on her p—y.But as I tried to do her bidding, I realized that that her pajama bottoms were in the way so she just couldn’t spread her legs out far enough for me to get my head down in-between her legs.As I felt her frantically trying to free her legs from her bottoms, I heard her very desperately cry out, “Oh please help me daddy! I can’t get my pajamas off!”So I reached down and managed to shove her pajama bottoms on down and off of one of her legs just as I saw her spread her legs out so wide apart that the outsides of her legs were actually touching against the bed. Why I never knew that she could spread her legs out that wide.By now I could hear my mind screaming at me – telling me just where I had my lips while I could now literally hear my own blood pounding in my temples like a sledge hammer as I heard her moans, and that’s when I realized that I had both my lips and tongue now frantically probing all around all over her p—y, exploring all over her very private hidden treasures down there – literally tasting her s-x while feeling both my mouth and tongue wallowing all over her small bald p—y. But I soon found her c–t, and I allowed my tongue to go all around it while I felt her bottom wiggle all around while hearing her crying out with some little funny noises.My heart was now literally pounding like a drum inside of me when I s—-d her c–t up into my mouth and worked my tongue all around it, and that’s when I heard her loudly squeal as I felt her bottom actually leave the bed while she tried to push her p—y up even harder against my face just as I felt her stiffen up and hold herself in that position for what seemed like a long time before she finally slumped back down on the bed again.But that didn’t stop me as I realized that she hadn’t even fully recovered before I heard her squeal and start stiffening up again.Then as she started to recover again, I felt her hands try to push my mouth away as I heard her cry out, “Oh no daddy, oh stop. Oh! It’s getting way too sensitive down there now.”I finally took my head away and laid down on the bed beside her, and we then wrapped our arms around each other for a while as I felt her still trembling body against me while still in her sexual excitement for a while before she finally calmed down enough to say, “Oh daddy, I’ve never felt anything like that in all of my life. Oh! It felt so awesome. Oh! I now love you more than anything in the whole world. Oh please! Keep holding me real tight. Oh, please!… Don’t let me go!”

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