On June 25th, 2017, the Lekki Astoria Event Centre, Lagos, was colorfully set ablaze by a conglomeration of African models. It was a convergence of the acme of models from across Africa for the maiden edition of The African Models Exhibition, #TAME2017

The African Models Exhibition has as objectives the celebration of African models, creating awareness for African models and cloth designers, to serve as a launching pad to international recognition for new and aspiring models and to show to the world the culture and beauty of Africa.
Participants and delegates came from Benin, Cameroun, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo. Can you begin to imagine the rich colorfulness which would have acrued from such diverse collection of people gathered in one place? It was an event which would be etched to the memories of attendees.

The models were lodged at Citilodge hotel and The general feeling among them was one of being at home, though far away from home. Awards in the following categories were bestowed on outstanding model, cloth designers and make over Artist: Best Male & female Model of the year, Fast rising male and Female Model of the year, next rated male and female model of the year, Best Designer of the year and Best make up artists of the year. The awardees were deserving models and cloth designers who had shown distinction in their art.

Since no event is complete without some sort of entertainment, Tolu, winner of MTN Projecf Fame, was on hand to thrill the audience with his well-organized sounds.

Also at the event to create publicity were reputable media houses: Delarue TV, Eagle TV, Galaxy TV, HipTV and City People Magazine.

The organizers, models and cloth designers, post event, visited some governors and media houses in Cameroun and Togo.

TAME 2017 featured the very height of professionalism in all aspects; from those behind the scene to the models, who were the focus. The organizers of TAME express their gratitude to all these persons for their contributions toward making the event successful.

Come April, 2018, TAME shall again set ablaze another event centre with an unforgettable event. I know already where I will be. Question is: where would you be?

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