*Reference to Great Leader!!!!*

*Awolowo on his sick bed said and I quote.*

“At a point in time No matter how far, you may have struggled in life. You may never attain success, At that point of time, you need to be extra ordinary careful because a minute mistake can metamorphose to life time retrogression. What matter most in life is not success but how far you have struggled well. “



Blow to us again your wind of hope
sing to us your songs of perseverance
take us on your trips of fantasies
that once more our fears be oppressed
that once more our tears be suppressed
that these shivering Ogitech  students scared from the horrors of terminations
may fall to sleep
and escape these hallucinations
from the ghosts of their own!


Tell us we are dreamers
with fictitious nightmares
that ’tis true not
that we’re living ghosts
waiting for our turns
in pieces
to be buried in our land.


what more will you tell us?
We’ve seen it all- the absurdity of humanity-
as raped with vigour and insanity
and our land no more knows
political men with humility.


you said there is a light
awaiting our embrace…
with this eclipse without end?


how more shall we cry by your side?
How long shall we mourn ourselves?
Who goes tomorrow if the bomb comes- you, we?
Talk Comrade, talk!
Just tell us it is well if you have no words; as usual”

The Comrade wept.

His soul too, an ember;
prepared to be whisk away
being the remains of a battered will
with no more strength to persuade,
to fight on,
to defend his vision
that victory is just a mile away…

Looking tattered in robe of struggle
Standing faintly like bag of bone
The path of honour I tread
The hymns of victory I sing
The sword of salvation I hold
I am not gentle like a lamb
Nor cruel like a lion but
rational in thought
eloquent in diction
radical in struggle
reserved in dealings

confidence flows in my blood
Eloquence flows in my saliva

Industrial in my lifestyle

I am not an accident of history

I am part of the struggle so far.
Striving tirelessly to make an impact.

 When the happen will happen.The become will surely become.

(A dedication to all truly masses friendly and non politically sponsored comrades steering the wheel of activism to protect the collective interest of ogitech students)

 *Viva Aluta!!!!!!!*

  *Viva. Ascerta!!!!*

I am *ONE DAY*