As it was discussed by members of our whatsapp group chat.
[10/24, 12:15 AM] Abbey: Based on my own understanding of the above topics.. Is simply means success is not achieved by one person but by group of persons
[10/25, 8:05 PM] Abbey: Yes Examination has killed education because people go extra length to pass exam rather than educating themselves
[10/25, 8:08 PM] ‪+234 706 911 4795‬: Examination didn’t kill it… Students just got a bit lazier and not ever ready…. And questions gets tougher and tougher…. Making it hard for student to read and pass totally on a good note only the genius do well… But the average student finds it hard and the slow learners that didn’t prepare well and see themselves like geniuses find it hard to tackle exam questions too…. So they look for all means to get things sorted out
[10/25, 8:09 PM] Shegun_DsG: This is what I think examination does.

. It checks our ability to apply concepts and knowledge to the problem being asked. It checks our ability to perform in a difficult situation as well not kill education
[10/25, 8:15 PM] ‪+234 706 911 4795‬: Said initially from inception, examination aunt killing…. Cuz in no matter way you will need to acquire any knowledge their must be assessment to show that something is really sinking…. I can’t be teaching you how to play an instrument and not access you with what u’ve learnt so far
[10/25, 8:15 PM] Abbey: Phobia of education alone give students fever just becos they were not impacted well
[10/25, 8:19 PM] ‪+234 706 911 4795‬: Like I said earlier …….our educational system in Nigeria killed it….i wanna study overseas, I chose SLT, they won’t say because they want me to have verse knowledge they should then give me bulky courses to attend to and at assessing exams will now pile up, students will start trembling exam phobia will come……but if courses are minimal and well impacted …..student will sit and pass in a good platform if not the best
[10/25, 8:28 PM] Shegun_DsG: Examination is a necessary thing un education by which we can measure our performance. We can determine how much we have learnt. Also we can rectify our faults and motivate to study more. If we score good in examination then it brings us confidence. Similarly, if we score less in examination then we try to boost our knowledge. Examination helps us to create a healthy competitive atmosphere. But sometimes we take too much stress to sustain this competitive atmosphere. Sometimes it creates mental pressure. So we have to balance it and motivate ourselves for achieving goals.
[10/25, 8:29 PM] ‪+234 812 308 3302‬: Here’s my thought.
A capital “YES”,
Why? You may ask.
Examination in it’s form has killed education in many ways, say for example, the fear it brings in to lives of students, the trauma it imposes on tender ages.
It feels like if u failed an examination you’ve failed the world.
Most of those who pass the so called examinations are all from various forms of malpractices (of which I am also guilty of).
Why will a day examination be the determinant of your success?
I’ll finish a whole semester, and at the end of the day an examination will be the one to determine all the hardworks I put in the semester.
As crazy as it sounds, I’ll rather an examination should majorly be a one on one practical.
Sorry I didn’t introduce myself from the beginning, MY NAME IS VALENTINE TARA, COMPUTER SCIENTIST.
I can bet you my so called examination result is not what is in my head.
And I know of girls that has better results than mine and cannot even write a single line of QBASIC.
Back to my Point.

Examination has killed Education

Valentine Tara

[10/25, 8:38 PM] : Here is a friend’s comment on the topic.

_According to my point of view, Examination is nothing but, check the mental ability of the students in under stressful condition. Without examination, How we can check the ability of students? so, the examination is the best way to check the ability of students. Examinations can develop the mind of student & enhance his ability. The result is depending on our hard-work. If a student will hard work then he will have a good result. So, the examination has not killed education but enhance our ability._

I agree with him 👍🏽
[10/25, 8:45 PM] ‪+234 907 823 6897‬: Examination is not d source of brain test…. They are some people That Won’t write anything in d exam hall and later on when d result is out u will see some of them at d top….

[10/25, 8:46 PM] ‪+234 907 823 6897‬: U that have read well and prepare by the time they released result they will have manipulate ur result among themselves and help their love one

[10/25, 8:48 PM] ‪+234 805 751 5889‬: Examination in our country is not about ur *IQ*.. education sector in Nigeria has been disabiliized…. wic bring *corruption in schools*

[10/25, 8:51 PM] ‪+234 812 308 3302‬: A very poor educational system is what we run, lemme make it clear that everything I say, I say it cos of this part of the world we are, I have a brother who is in a University in Pennsylvania, their exam is based on the brain.

[10/25, 8:56 PM] ‪+234 805 751 5889‬: We all know that…but how can they set question that has not been taught in the class…. instance… my ND1 first semester…we were told to draw how electricity is been generated…I mean from High voltage to 220v….from Kanji Dam to our nomal 220v….

[10/25, 9:01 PM] Tochukwu: Thats why it called higher institution and that why syllabus are given at the beginning to read ahead

[10/25, 9:02 PM] ‪+234 907 823 6897‬: Our educational system is very bad… D course u are to study for 4 years they will delay u till u spent almost 5 to 6 years and beside they are some course we are not suppose to be offering all this burrowed course… For instance. A Business administrator offering Chemistry or an LST student studying Sociology…. I could remember when I was in primary school m doing up to 15 subject Kilode Shey person brain be computer….

At the end the admin concluded by saying Examination has not really killed education as many think but poor educational system does. Which ranges from corruption to students laziness.

Let’s just hope our educational system in Nigeria is restructured and then EXAMINATION WOULD MAKE YOU LOVE EDUCATION.

Thanks everyone for your contributions. The interactive session for tonight is officially closed. Group closes by 11pm please.