Yesterday 20th September, a business administration student by name Chibueze Damian popularly known as loudtips launched a website where students can easily access free e-books and sell their research materials.

Chibueze Damian is a passion driven digital marketer and a website designer with first class Intel on how to set up a successful business online. He had helped some start-up business and individual’s succeed and maximize their income online. By providing them tactics and actionable techniques that will help them make more money online.

Educated at the polytechnic of Ogun state institute of Technology, where he bags a Degree of National diploma in Business administration  and Cisco . Presently a post graduate student at the same polytechnic for Higher national diploma.

According to Damian in a group chat which one of our correspondents belong to he said “After my few months of sleepless night, thinking of what to do to make impact in my education career and my country, I decided to develop an educational ecommerce store for Nigerian students who don’t have access to so many educational materials to grow their knowledge.

This online store I developed myself was not done by me alone but with the help of my mentor, brother, friend Frank Umeadi who guided me step by step to avoid mistakes because he is more experienced than me ( 2 heads are better than one ). Frank any where you are I am grateful For making this dream come true when I told you about it. Our people say you cant grow big if there is no external hand pushing you up.

This is an online eBook store where educational eBooks made for Nigerian students in any level of education can be downloaded anytime on any device.

It is also a platform for books sellers who want to reach out to thousands of students in Nigeria. Book sellers can convert their books into eBooks (PDF) and sell on this platform and make their money.

Our mission is to change the way Nigerian students read by making use of gadgets. We aim to empower Nigerian students to indulge their curiosities and expand their knowledge.

Student can Download Materials of any subject/course, Final year project topics and materials of any course in higher institution and exams past questions and answers like JAMB,CISCO, POST UTME, WEAC,NECO and so on.

The unique part of this edu store platform is not like other platforms whereby when a student need a material they have to contact them after purchase which may take hours before they send it to their mail while some may not even reply them. I came out with this idea to change it where by any student can download their material immediately after purchase. NOte some materials are free to download.

So am launching this store today September 20 2017 with the Name above any other Name because without him this platform will not come into existence. ( JESUS ).”

He also expressed his intentions of introducing this to the lecturers of the School so that handouts can be sold for at least 700 Naira on the website without loosing the usual benefits gained from buying hard copies. Hmm We hope OGITECH lecturers would accept this.

We have actually surfed the site and therefore recommend it to any Nigerian student that is willing to learn and want to earn cool cash.

Screenshots of the website below:

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  1. Nice. It’s beautiful when you see undergraduate students not wasting youthful time and taking on projects while at school unlike most other students who just… That’s a topic for another day. Great research project! Kudos to you and cheers to greater heights.

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