Aluta Greetings to you all.

After much deliberation, argument and threats, we have come to a resolution with the school mgt that *Obligatory fee #10,000*(due to the reason that 80% of the students have paid the fee)
*Faculty Fee*
         *#3000 1st semester*
          *#1000 2nd semester*
         *#2500 1st semester*
          *#500 2nd semester*
*Note: Mid-Semester test starts next week Wednesday, criterion for writing d test is obligatory fee alone*
      # Also as soon as u pay for obligatory, go to Cisco office for your username and password for free internet access.
         Project fee have been removed online, so we pay in our individual departments. This will avoid us from paying twice
      To cap it all, school resumes properly tomorrow *20th of Jan 2017*.
This was the best we could achieve. We say a big thank you to all indefatigable, ever militant students of Ogitech for the cooperation so far on this struggle. May almighty God be with us all.
    Due to the chaos in Igbesa town recently, police have been arresting people. Please let’s always be with our student’s identity or any documents that can prove us as student of Ogitech. And avoid gathering in groups at particular point.
             *Victoria Ascerta*